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acting credits


2021-Online Stage- Stephano, THE TEMPEST-Zoome Theatre, Patrick Nims, Zoom Online Theatre

2018/19-Stage- Perro, ONE HUNDRED TRILLION- The Dot Collective, Laura Harling, Old Vic Work Rooms 

2018- Rehearsed ReadingEve, LIMBO- Gaskin And Healy, Jess Ramsey, Tristan Bates Theatre 

2017- Stage Touring- Tina, DESERT DUST AT THE STAR OF BETHLEHEM- The Dot Collective, Dan Ayling 

2017- Stage Touring- Ariel, THE UGLY DUCKLING AND OTHER STORIES- Thick As Thieves & Red Table, Nicky Diss 

2016- Stage Touring- Ariel/Gonzalo, THE TEMPEST- Thick As Thieves, Thomas Judd and Nicky Diss

2016- Stage- Annelle, STEEL MAGNOLIAS- The Hope Theatre In-House Production, Matthew Parker

2015- Stage- Ariel/Gonzalo, THE TEMPEST- Thick As Thieves , Nicky Diss

2015- Stage- Tina, PLEASE STAY ON THE LINE- Royal Court Writers Programme Graduates, Saul Reid 

2014- Choreography- Autumn, MACMILLAN LEGACY GARDEN LIVING TREE, Yellow Room Theatre, Jo Harris

2014- Site Specific- March Hare/Mock Turtle, ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND- Open Book Theatre Company, Kate McGregor

2013- Stage- Anna, SAFARI-  First Draft, Matthew Parker

2012- Stage- Ensemble, MARY ROSE- 12 am/Midnight Productions, Matthew Parker

2012, Rehearsed Reading, Jeannie, AMERICAN COUSINS, Savio(u)r Theatre, Tim Sullivan

2011, Site Specific, Janice, QUANGO 193, Universal Citizens, Kate McGregor

2011- Stage- Ensemble, MARY ROSE-  DogOrange, Matthew Parker

2011- Stage- Curley's Wife, OF MICE AND MEN- The Jack Theatre, Tanith Lindon

2010- Stage- Ophelia, HAMLET- College of Marin, James Dunn 

2010- Stage- Lydia Bennett, PRIDE AND PREJUDICE- Ross Valley Players, Phoebe Moyer

2010- Rehearsed Reading- The visitor , ADAM AND EVE ON A FERRY, Boxcar Theatre, Neil Higgins

2010- Rehearsed Reading- Brett, I RISE IN FLAME, CRIED THE PHEONIX, Boxcar Theatre, Neil Higgins


2020- Limbo- Eve, Gaskin and Healy, Vicky Gaskin and Jennifer Healy 

2019- English Language Lessons- Ariel, HPLC ENGLISH, Phaebus Media, Steve Bettridge 

2018- Corporate- Co-worker, UPTIMIZE TRAINING VIDEO, Uptimize, Ed Thompson


2013- Video Game- American Fan 3, STAGEFRIGHT, Pulse Films, Activision, Georgio Testi

2010- Short Film- Hero, SIRENS, 186 Productions, Dina Mondello

2009- Corporate- Employee, MANAGEMENT SKILLS, Ernst and Young

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